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What is Performance Testing

"A performance test is a test of a complete system carried out under reproducible and production-like conditions, where statistically significant response times are measured over a period of time when the system is under a known business emulation load."
  Performance testing includes:
  • Stepped-load test - the classic test that establishes how response times vary as load increases and reveals the 'kink' point where the system's capacity been reached.
  • Stress test - where the number of virtual users generate load that is beyond the "kink" in the Standard Performance Curve so that the system is under abnormal stress.
  • Extended load (Soak) test - execute the performance test for a long period of time to identify resource issues.
  • Scalability test - running the same performance test against the same applications on different target platforms to measure its scalability.
  • Spike test - virtual users are synchronised at key points in a transaction to elucidate defects that result from concurrent usage.
  • Fail over under load - the system is failed while under load to determine if the standby system seamlessley maintains the continuity of business processes.
  • Functional testing under load - Previous successfully executed functional tests can fail when executed under load.
  • Regression test - Re-execution of performance test following a hardware or software upgrade or patch.
  • Network load test - Execution of performance tests where load is injected at strategic network points.
  • Logon test - where large numbers of users attempt to logon.
  • Post-deployment monitoring - regularly re-execute performance test scripts.


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