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"The bottom line is that performance testing can dramatically reduce the business risk of deploying new and upgraded business critical systems and minimises the chance of a high profile failure in the public domain."
  Test2day are convinced that even today, where a number of high profile public failures of systems have been witnessed many companies under-rate the importance of evaluating the performance of their systems before deployment. Not long ago, when client–server systems were planned within an enterprise for a known number of users, performance testing was an important part of an overall test strategy to guarantee business continuity.

Today as similar applications are exposed via Intranet or Extranet the complexity of multi-tier architectures has increased and the load they have to bear has become increasingly difficult to predict. More importantly the performance characteristics of a system must be fully understood when exposed to the public domain of the Internet. This has further increased the importance of performance testing.

Typically the benefits that are realised by performance testing are:
  • removal of serious functional flaws related to data volume and synchronisation issues not identified by functional testing
  • using realistic data volumes and transaction rates enables identification of processing bottlenecks
  • identification and removal of serious performance issues before deployment
  • collection of performance metrics for the system under increasing load that enable system administrators to make and validate tuning decisions prior to deployment
  • formal load tests provide a high level of confidence that the system is capable of supporting critical business transaction flow in normal operation before deployment
  • the test scripts and scenarios produced provide a re-usable test asset enabling rapid end-to-end execution of the critical business processes at minimal cost for regression test purposes.

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